Why I blog

What possible reason could I have for adding to the arrogance and mess that are personal blogs these days.  After, who really cares what I think?  Well, I do…. this is really a way for me to keep track of my thoughts to see how I am changing over time.  Am I getting smarter or dumber as I get older.  Along the way, if someone else can learn from my mistakes or thoughts, so much the better.

I get most of these thoughts while I listen to a myriad of podcasts which clutter up my iPod.  Most of these podcast focus on topics of ethics, religion and society.  I may comment on other items in the news at times but most will come from these discussions and lectures.  I will try to post links to those podcasts for anyone that may be interested.

By the way, who is Redrydr   It’s a reference to the world’s best movie – A Christmas Carol – and my childhood resemblance to Ralphie.

Why is he such a bad shot?  Mainly because these are just my thoughts on topics in which I am interested.  I’m certain I won’t hit the bulls eye every time…. but I’m trying.

p.s  Not a reference my childhood history with small caliber weapons but I’m sure there is a valid link somewhere.


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Publically shooting my eye out on topics of faith, culture and society

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